Legal Ways to Locate Hidden Assets

Legal Ways to Locate Hidden Assets

Do you think someone may be hiding or keeping assets from you? If so, hiring a private investigator is a smart move since they can help you find the hidden assets.

If you locate the assets in question, you may be able to use them in a legal case, attach the assets to another judgment, or benefit from the discovery in another way.

What Situations Typically Involve Hidden Assets?

Usually, cases of hidden assets appear in family law matters. For example, in a separation or divorce, one spouse may attempt to hide or conceal assets to keep the other spouse from getting their share of them during the legal process.

In a similar situation, someone may attempt to hide assets before they sign a prenuptial agreement, so their soon-to-be spouse isn’t aware they exist. Sometimes, hidden assets are involved in a support matter where one individual is trying to avoid having to pay what they have been ordered to. This commonly occurs in spousal and child support situations.

Hidden assets may also be involved in a bankruptcy filing. An individual may do this to keep some of their assets after experiencing “rock bottom” financially. Even business partners may try to hide assets or individuals who owe money to someone else.

While hiding assets may not seem like that big of a deal, this isn’t always the case. In fact, doing this may be considered fraud in some situations.

Where Do People Hide Assets?

Believe it or not, there are multiple ways someone can hide assets. Usually, it depends on the owner.

Some try to hide assets inside their business by creating hidden LLCs or corporations. Others open offshore bank accounts to store their assets.

Hidden assets may also be in the form of something that hasn’t been received, such as a raise, delayed bonus, or stock options. During a divorce, one spouse may attempt to defer assets until the divorce process is over, so they don’t have to split them.

How to Legally Locate Assets

A private investigator will have the experience and skills needed to conduct a thorough and full investigation to find any hidden assets. They can also prepare reports and testify in court regarding the assets they discover. This will ensure that the court is aware of the details related to the misconduct that involves the hidden assets.

Modern private investigators have access to tools that will help them when trying to locate hidden assets. This includes things like property filings, public records, tax returns, databases, and more. It’s also possible for them to cross-reference names and addresses and other relevant information to get insight into potential locations where assets may be and other patterns.

Do You Need a Private Investigator?

If you are worried that someone may be hiding assets, then hiring a private investigator can be beneficial. Keep the information here in mind to see why this professional’s services may be needed.