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East Coast Investigations, Inc. understands how sensitive these types of infidelity investigations are to those involved and it is our goal to provide our clients with detailed answers to any questions or concerns. When it comes to a cheating spouse or an infidelity investigation, our primary goal and focus are to get the truth for you, whatever it may be. We find that getting clients the answers they seek, whether the outcome is positive or negative, helps them to move forward in their lives.


  • Complete and Thorough Process

    Cheating partners and marital infidelity investigations involve several stages. The first stage requires the investigator to get to know your specific situation. Why are you suspicious? What are your objectives? During this stage, the marital infidelity investigator will also obtain vital case information, such as a physical description of our subject as well as places that he or she may frequent.

  • Planning a Strategy

    After obtaining the case information and learning why the client is suspicious, the private investigator will recommend an investigative strategy based on the client’s objectives. Our clients typically purchase a block of surveillance hours, and we may recommend additional services that will greatly assist in the investigative process.

  • Applying Surveillance Hours

    The next stage of cheating spouse surveillance investigation involves applying the surveillance hours to the case. We staff agents throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia who will be assigned to track the subject carefully. The objective here is to apply the surveillance hours to the case during those times when our subject is most likely to engage in cheating or infidelity. It’s important to remember that no one has a crystal ball and we do not know the exact time that infidelity or cheating will take place. As such, it is critical that the cheating spouse private investigator can rely on the client when deciding when to apply the surveillance hours to the case.

  • Utilizing Provided Information

    As licensed cheating spouse private investigators, we may be experts on marital infidelity investigations. However, we are not “experts” on your spouse. The client is much more of an “expert” on the person we are following than we are. It is important to understand that we do not know your spouse the way you do. The client is a valuable resource that every cheating spouse investigator should rely on for valuable information and to narrow the margin of error during the investigation. During the course of an infidelity private investigation, we communicate regularly with the client and keep the updates coming.

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