Three Ways To Get Information From A Professional Investigator

Three Ways To Get Information From A Professional Investigator

Sometimes it's daunting to start a private investigation… we know that; we’ve seen it, and we’ve talked people through it.

If it's your first one, you really have no idea about how these things go, except for what you’ve seen on television in the movies.

And we all know that television and the movies glamorize and sensationalize everything that they show you. You don't really get the whole picture – you get kind of a sanitized fairytale version of how real life is.

With that in mind, here are three ways that we interact with clients to get them to where they need to go in taking advantage of our professional services.

Live Chat for Investigations

Yes, we have embraced the modern standard and put live chat technology onto our site. You can ask questions and get them answered through a real time platform that pops up directly on our website.

We've talked with many a client, through live chat, about some of the nuts and bolts about how investigations go – about payment, about what they can expect, and about how we work. And that often makes them feel better about moving ahead, which they often benefit from!


The FAQ on our site is another opportunity to do research for yourself and figure out how these investigations work, especially if you have burning questions about some part of the process.

For instance, you can learn more about the retainer and what it represents.

A retainer is an amount of money that you pay upfront to do an investigation. But it's not just an entrance fee or something we tack on. Operational expenses actually come out of the retainer, so that you get real services for your money, and you’re not just forking over dollars because someone asked you to.

Many of the other items on our FAQ are pretty short and sweet. We want to answer questions fully but clearly, and transparently, so that you know what to expect every step of the way.

Our Office

The third major vehicle of information is us, ourselves.

We don't farm this work out overseas. We don't hide behind a desk. We’re not anonymous landlords…

We are real people doing private investigators in Virginia Beach.

When you need professional investigations done, come to a firm with a history in the region and a firm knowledge of how to be a gumshoe. Come to East Coast Investigations – we are ready to go to work for you.