Getting At The Truth

Getting At The Truth

As we talk to clients about sometimes difficult investigation projects, we think about what's important in this business…and there are some key principles that apply, things that, if a professional doesn’t know them, he/she probably should. 

Sometimes it all comes down to one principal thing – arriving at the truth of a situation through gathering evidence and obtaining proof.

We deal with a lot of different kinds of investigations. We may be involved, for example, in figuring out the reality around a joint custody or family law situation.

Alternately, we may be roaming the streets looking for proof in a conflict that involves business and corporate concerns.

For example, one type of business that we do is vetting employees on behalf of a company. Everybody knows that you can't just take information at face value – that it's important to investigate claims to more fully guarantee protections and the safety of an enterprise.

So with that in mind, we bring modern methods to bear on these types of situations.

Digital Forensics

People also have an intuitive understanding that digital forensics professionals often uncover things that others would not.

We know that just because you erase something doesn't mean it's fully gone, but most people don't know how to retrieve something that's been shredded in the digital trashcan.

That's just a basic example as today's digital forensics goes far beyond getting files off of a disk image.

More on Investigations

Then there's the tenacity that it takes to be a good investigator

We've had clients where it only took a few hours and some computer research to close a case.

But then a few weeks ago, we had a case where there was a lot of legwork involved, where you start to think about the classic depictions of a private investigator as a ‘gumshoe’ and why that term took on. Sometimes the hours seem endless, but that ids just a part of what investigators sign up to do. 

You stay the course and you put in the hours and do everything the right way, and in the end, you get that successful resolution of a case that's so good for you and so good for your client.

Some of these things you will see featured prominently in those old hard-boiled detective serials and films, but until you experience it for yourself, it’s all a bit theoretical. 

Turn to the professionals at East Coast Investigations for a thorough inquiry into the facts in your challenging case.