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East Coast Investigations, Inc. is the Commonwealth of Virginia's resource for accurate and complete criminal investigations. We utilize our extensive resources and specialized professional agents to formulate an effective approach and carry it out in the discreet manner deemed appropriate for the situation.


The best way to gather information from suspected persons comes in situations in which they do not expect anyone is watching them. As such, our certified detectives will listen carefully to your case and examine the circumstances in a manner that reflects their experience with similar situations. Whether you are seeking damages after an auto accident, verifying a questionable alibi, tracking an identity thief or need to perform an extended background check, we will pair you with criminal investigation specialists from one of our satellite offices throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia who has experience dealing with cases similar to yours.

If you are looking for more information about our criminal investigation services or have a question you would like us to answer, please feel free to contact us by phone for the location closest to you. Or, clients can complete the form found on our contact page to request more information. We will answer all inquiries in a confidential and prompt manner.

"I am the owner of a contracting company that had employee-facing serious criminal charges, life in prison. My employee had no money to defend himself. This was a non-work related matter. I believed my employee was innocent and hired East Coast Investigations, Inc. They conducted their investigation and uncovered evidence to prove my employee was not involved in the crime. If it was not for Mr. Fortunato, he would have been locked up forever. The prosecution was ready to put him away. An innocent man was freed because of them. Thank you - Mr. Kenny"

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