What Will a Child Custody Investigator Look for When You Hire Them?

What Will a Child Custody Investigator Look for When You Hire Them?

It’s estimated that one out of every two marriages will end in divorce in the U.S. Unfortunately, with this high divorce rate, quite a few couples wind up in court. One of the main issues they have to work out is child custody.

The Goal of a Custody Investigation

The main goal of any custody investigation is to document negative behaviors. Some of the things the investigator will try to find include:

●  Criminal activity

●  Alcohol abuse

●  Substance or drug abuse

●  Drinking and driving

However, there are other negative behaviors they can document, as well. These include:

●  Is the child being left with other people, like a babysitter, nanny, friends, or family?

●  Is there a lot of time when the child is not in the parent’s presence when they should be with them?

●  Is the child around someone they should not be?

●  Are there safety concerns for the child?

●  Is there any physical abuse, verbal abuse, or other negative things that may impact the child?

Any type of bad decision being made is documented by the private investigator and can then be used to help with the custody case.

How Private Investigators Conduct Surveillance in a Child Custody Situation

When a private investigator conducts surveillance in this type of investigation, they may be looking for a certain situation or behavior. However, there is no limit to the type of evidence or useful information they can gather during their surveillance.

The Top Evidence Needed to Win Custody Case

When you hire a private investigator, there are a few things they should look for when gathering evidence. This includes:

Legally Gathered Evidence to Support Allegations

If you claim the other parent is involved in any negative behavior, having legally gathered evidence to support, this is beneficial. It is considered the evidence, and that is what courts look at. Hard, factual evidence is more effective than a case of “he said/she said.”

Establish Credibility

Another factor that’s beneficial in court is credibility. If you have evidence that makes the other side seem less credible, it helps you look more credible. This is a good thing in child custody cases.

Getting the Judge on Your Side

When you have evidence and credibility, it will help you get the judge on your side in a child custody case. It may also help you achieve a more favorable outcome for the case.

A private investigator understands that they don’t just need to investigate the parent while the child is with them. It is necessary when the child is not with them, too. The information they gather is invaluable for child custody cases.

Should You Hire a Private Investigator for Your Child Custody Case?

Suppose you suspect your child’s other parent of negative behaviors while your child is and is not with them. In that case, it may be necessary to hire a private investigator to gather evidence to help you prove the allegations you have made. Doing so will help you get what you need to achieve the desired results for your child custody case.