Why Spouses Cheat

Why Spouses Cheat

One of the primary reasons that lead spouses to split is anger or disappointment in marriage. But for infidelity, many people may be hard-wired. They may instinctively lack compassion, have no desire for monogamy, or enjoy the thrill of doing it without being caught. That said, here are four reasons why in marriage, people are straying.

Difference of Opinion

Sometimes partners with differing opinions tend to avoid the topic instead of addressing it. There is no sense of closeness in such relationships as issues are not shared among the partners. In a partnership, differences of opinion also indicate other underlying problems. Conflicts may occur, for instance, because of reasons like feeling unappreciated, job problems, or political differences.

Lack of Intimacy

There is never one explanation of why a partner turns to unfaithfulness. Men and women are mysterious people with their acts for various inexplicable reasons. Either in the existing relationship, something is not impressive enough, or the person finds someone else genuinely attractive. When in a relationship, the physical or emotional needs of people are not met, they typically look elsewhere for it.

Mental Disconnection

Partners often tend to argue in a strained relationship instead of exposing their unguarded side to each other and accepting their dependency. It's all about showing you're wrong. Eventually, it comes to a point where you think your partner has no feelings at all for you. They are tempted to stray when people persistently cultivate these feelings for their partners. If you can stop arguing and look for alternative ways to reconcile, there is a chance to rekindle your partnership.

Emotional Disconnection

In an extramarital affair, partners pursue both emotional and physical intimacy. If you don't feel a connection with your primary partner, the need for emotional intimacy is more. Continuous and persistent disappointment with a partner that is not receptive also leads to infidelity. Communication difficulties reach a stage where you only communicate negatively with your partner.

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