Investigations In Busy Places

Investigations In Busy Places

Let's face it – the communities around Virginia Beach, Newport News and Tidewater are busy places!

You only have to look at the teeming masses of traffic using the Hampton Roads bridge tunnel on any given day to understand that there's a lot happening in these local areas. Getting across the water is a big accomplishment!

Or walk the streets of a place like Newport News, where the grid is filled with residential and commercial properties and lots of things are happening adjacent to each other. It’s often challenging to find a person in this kind of melee, whether you’re investigating or just trying to keep up with your kids!

How do you conduct investigations in these kinds of environments?

East Coast Investigations is experienced and skilled in doing this kind of work for clients. We know the tricks of the trade, and how to move around in Tidewater areas privately, discreetly and effectively. We know how to do this, because we have the “gumshoe experience” that our clients rely on when they come to us for help. So what’s important in these kinds of PI operations?

Investigations and Privacy

First of all, as someone who is launching an investigation into someone else's behavior, you don't want your own privacy to be compromised. Our people are as inconspicuous as they need to be in running down information and tracing leads. They’re also effective in getting the work done for you. That privacy also extends to how you are notified about the results of the investigation. We don't shout it through a loudspeaker – we send it through secure email or text, or we talk to you on the phone on a secure private line.

Payment Options

Another part of this is being able to pay discreetly and privately.

So we accommodate this for our clients as well.

Different kinds of Cases

As you can see on the website, we often handle cases of infidelity. How do you know if someone is cheating on you? Well, you launch an investigation. Without that type of resource, you’re just sort of guessing or ‘whistling in the wind,’ as they say.

Many of these investigations have to do with aspects of family law. Custody work may involve a court order, or it may be a preventative, preliminary thing.

Many cases actually involve business interests. You almost sort of imagine that ‘spy versus spy’ cartoon in the old Mad Magazine, where each business has its own hired guns to protect it from corporate espionage.

We could tell you a lot of stories here at East Coast Investigations, but come in and tell us what you need and we’ll get to work running down the facts in a way that will support your interests as a client.