Technology and Traditional Street Work

Technology and Traditional Street Work

When you think about it, the field of private investigations is really unique.

We've talked about some of the common perceptions on the blog before – how people see private investigations through the lens of television and film, and even radio, in the case of Prairie Home Companion's prominent Guy Noir character, who was always chasing clues in hard-boiled investigation scenarios.

For that matter, you also have all of the street work done in police dramas through the ages that orients people a little bit to what private investigations are actually like, although there are a lot of things that aren't quite accurate!

People and Technology

In reality, in some ways, you can boil private investigations down to a good use of new technology resources and good knowledge of human behavior.

In other words, you do some of your work on a computer, and some of your work out in the community.

Computers are getting better and better at finding those hard to reach bits of information related to things like vehicle data, time stamp surveillance and more.

But at the same time, they’re really not to the point where they can replace humans in explaining what's happening in a physical location in real time.

Even with big data and the cloud and everything else, there's a lot that computers just don't capture. They don't capture the nuances of conversation, and they don't elicit information from real people the way a human can. They are also not as advanced that decision-making as a human operator, which is why even the big computer firms still refer to human in the loop or HITL scenarios.

At East Coast Investigations, we applied both technology and other resources to the arduous work of investigating family law cases, employment situations and more. Whatever you need as a client, we’re there for you to get the results that you're seeking. That's something that you'll see in television and film, and you also see it in reality, at least with the best investigator at your disposal.

When you think about it, it really makes sense – having a modern private investigator at your side allows you to do a lot more to advance your interests in a case, no matter what you're facing. Answering some of those many unknowns can lead to the clarity that helps you to resolve troublesome situations. The law has its utility, but so does the process of private investigation and discovery, in shedding light on things that are happening around people. Where there is controversy and dissent, private investigation can be one of the tools of resolution.

Talk to East Coast Investigations in the Virginia Beach area about tracking down the facts, to be able to work toward your interests in family law or some other scenario.