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We're a professional investigation shop in the central and eastern Virginia region – and it's a very particular region indeed!

The areas that we serve are diverse, but they’re also joined by their proximity to each other. There's a lot to discover in the Richmond-Tidewater-Northern Virginia areas.

These are fun places where you have some of the best beachfront areas around, and a sort of maritime economy, but you also have the capital city of Richmond to the west, and areas of northern Virginia up toward Maryland that have their own thriving neighborhoods and locales.

But along with that, you have some specific challenges to getting around the local area and figuring out how to deal with the types of cases that we take on. That’s part of what we’ve talked about on this blog in the past, and it factors into the welfare of our clients and how they secure their goals.

Private Investigations

As a private investigator, we’re often looking at custody issues or family law situations where one party needs information on another. We handle a lot of corporate cases as well, with business clients who need a certain type of discovery. All of this requires a dedication to professionalism, and a detailed knowledge of how these processes work (and how they should work).

Around Tidewater

First of all, let's take Tidewater, where each of these individual communities has huge populations packed into small areas of square mileage. You also have some specific infrastructure like the Hampton Roads bridge tunnel, and when you want a professional shop moving around Tidewater for you, you want them to understand the realities around this type of local transit. Bridge tunnel travel is part of the equation here, and people who aren't prepared can end up frustrated by long wait times and an inability to really be agile on the ground.

Although it sounds like a small detail, it’s something to really consider when you're getting around the Tidewater area. The same goes for northern Virginia areas like Fairfax, where specific challenges create obstacles for private investigators or anyone else trying to accomplish goals on a timeline.

Simply put, we understand this area better than anyone, and we’re ready to go to work for you to get results in Tidewater, Richmond or NoVa.

Aside from traffic and other local considerations, there are the usual logistics of private investigations work – keeping your clients interest front and center, and being sure to do the investigation in a professional way that doesn't trigger improper liability.

That's what people expect and rely on when they call us for our services. Use East Coast Investigations to get to the bottom of things in these interesting parts of the world.

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