Things To Consider When Conducting an Employee Background Check

Things To Consider When Conducting an Employee Background Check

Making a small business successful will require more than determination. As a small business starts to grow, hiring more employees will become imperative. Failing to hire employees when the need arises can lead to a business getting knocked off of its upward trajectory. Finding the best people to fill your job openings should entail more than your gut feeling.

Over 78 million people are hired by businesses in the United States every year. Most of the companies hiring these workers will use background checks to narrow down the selection of candidates. Are you attempting to perform a thorough background check? If so, here are some things you need to consider.

Check a Candidate’s Educational Background

The criteria you check when conducting an employee background check will depend heavily on the type of position the person will be filling. If the position you are trying to fill requires a person to have particular degrees or certifications, you need to verify the claims they make on their resume. There have been many instances where people lie on their job applications to get the position in question.

Instead of wondering whether a person has the degrees they claim to, you need to be sure of it. This is why you need to consider requesting transcripts from the university a potential employee attended. The more you know about a person’s educational background, the easier it will be to figure out if they are the right fit for the position in question.

Conducting a Criminal Record Check is Important

Once the need for new employees becomes evident, you need to begin your search for the right people. The biggest concern you should have during the hiring process is keeping your business free of risk. One of the riskiest things a business owner can do is to hire a person with an extensive criminal record. The only way you will know about a person’s criminal past is by conducting a criminal records search.

If you don’t have the time or tools needed to perform a background investigation on your own, outsourcing it to professionals is a good idea. At East Coast Investigations, Inc., we can help you vet potential employees before you hire them.

Consider a Candidate’s Social Media Presence

As most successful business owners realize, the employees they have are a representation of their companies. If you are extremely concerned about your business image and the public perception of it, then you need to check a person’s social media presence before hiring them. People that include offensive pictures or memes on their social media profiles can become a liability for your company.

Many people choose to set up two different social media profiles. One will be for their public, professional image and the other will be private. With a simple search of the candidate’s name, you should have no problem finding their social media profiles.

By conducting a thorough background check, you can find dependable and trustworthy employees.