The Value Of Digital Forensics In Investigations

The Value Of Digital Forensics In Investigations

Let's talk about something that's relatively new in private investigations. Regardless of the fact that it hasn't been around for that long in the grand scheme of things, digital forensics is now a major way of how this type of work gets done.

The Ubiquity of Digital Footprints

One way to explain this is that we’re doing more of what we’re doing online.

Barring that, even when we’re offline, we’re still using technological systems that can be traced, even in our cars and as we move around with smartphones in our pockets.

Almost everything that we do leaves some kind of digital trail. That's one reason that digital forensics are so effective in solving all sorts of problems in meeting goals for private investigations.

Remote Work

If you look at the way that old gumshoes used to do things, you see one of the major benefits of digital forensics being that you can do this from the comfort of your office or your home.

The 14-hour stakeout has become less of a burden on private investigators and their clients (since these are often expensive) as new ways of digital forensics came on the horizon.

It's kind of like the salesman who used to take an airplane to the other end of the country to make a sale. Private investigators can simply log on and comb through virtual worlds to get information that they and their clients need.

Proficiency with Digital Forensics

Some skeptics might say – “it sounds fancy but isn't digital forensics fairly simple?”

Most of us know that the data on a device doesn't just go away when you throw a file into the digital trashcan on the desktop. But beyond that, there are absolutely tricks of the trade that professionals know, making it easy for them to do the kind of in-depth research that may be well-nigh impossible for one of their clients.

All that is to say that if you have a firm with a decent grounding in digital forensics, they are going to have a reach and a perspective that's greater than their competitors who may not have this kind of talent in-house.

Digital Forensics and the Law

As with any kinds of investigations, private investigators doing digital forensics need to always observe relevant law.

That's another part of being proficient in this type of work. You need to know the norms and the guidelines, and how they stack up against federal, state and local law. That's another thing that we offer our Virginia Beach clients as we go to work for them, finding out what they need to know and relating it back to them in a discrete and professional way.

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