Straight Answers

Straight Answers

Take a look at our FAQ. It's where we answer your questions.

What you'll find is answers. What you won't find is extremely long answers.

There's a certain mystique to the gumshoe world that has civilians fascinated by what we do. It's partly the history of private investigators and how they’re presented on TV.

True to life, private investigators do tend to be practical people. They’re problem solvers by profession, and creative by nature.

That said, they might not be extremely artistic or flowery in the ways that they talk. They might want to get straight to the point, to be able to really do what they need to do and get the job done.

Hiring and Communications

Reading the top half of the FAQ, you see that we answer questions about hiring. We also point out that you pay a retainer at the beginning, and the rest later.

We clarify that customers can pay with credit card, check, cash or money order. But we don't spend a huge paragraph talking about each of these points. We just lay it out, because we know that you're busy, and we are, too.

Keeping in Touch

Then there is the communications side of the equation.

People want to know how we will keep them advised of what we find. The answer is – it's up to you. We can contact you by phone, by text, by email, or even by fax if you're into that whole paper thing.

What's more important is what we’re going to be telling you, and that's based on our professional ability to seek out the truth in thorny and complex situations.

Last but not least, we include a question many customers have asked about whether people will find out that they are being followed by private investigators. Our answer, as characteristically terse, is that they won't find out from us. They might find out if they hired their own private investigator, but then you have kind of a strange situation going on, not unlike, say, those old Spy vs. Spy cartoons. 

Here's another answer to a common question: “I have a problem right now – what do I do?”

Here's the answer. Just call us. We’re the best around Tidewater and Richmond and other parts of Virginia and nearby areas. We’re around 24/7 to take your call, and we’ll point you in the right direction when it comes to getting skilled assistance with investigative work that makes a difference in your life.