How Proving Infidelity Helps You In A Divorce

How Proving Infidelity Helps You In A Divorce

Divorce can be an emotionally trying time, and it is essential to understand the legal implications of infidelity in a divorce. Proving your spouse's infidelity can make all the difference in the outcome of your divorce proceedings.

Finding the necessary information is only possible with professional infidelity investigations in Virginia Beach, VA. An experienced private investigator can confirm or deny your suspicion that your spouse is cheating. Once you have definitive proof, you can present it to your attorney.

Here are some ways proving infidelity helps you in a divorce.

Strengthen Your Position in Court

Proving infidelity can help you strengthen your position in court and make it more likely that a judge will grant you a favorable outcome. Adultery is generally considered a fault-based ground for divorce, and by providing evidence that your spouse committed adultery, you can give the judge a reason to award you more of the marital assets during the divorce proceedings.

Without proof of adultery, the judge may be inclined to divide the assets equally or weigh factors that favor your spouse.

Increasing Your Financial Settlement

Proving infidelity can significantly increase your financial settlement in a divorce. Evidence of adultery gives you leverage to ensure you receive more marital assets than would otherwise be awarded. Sometimes, it can even determine whether or not spousal support payments will be paid.

Infidelity investigations in Virginia Beach, VA, can provide the proof you need to substantiate your claim and protect your financial interests.

Custody Rights and Infidelity

When it comes to divorce, gaining custody rights can often be an extremely contentious issue. Judges may consider infidelity when deciding who will get primary or sole custody of the children. In some cases, evidence of infidelity could sway the court to favor the faithful spouse, granting them primary custody of the children.

In other cases, depending on the facts surrounding the infidelity and other factors in play, a judge may decide that both parents are equally fit to care for the children. Proving your spouse's infidelity is not always necessary regarding child custody rights; however, it can help you make a stronger case and give the judge more reason to grant you custody.

Receive Spousal Support Payments

Proving infidelity can also help you receive spousal support payments during divorce proceedings. A judge may consider the fault of a spouse in awarding spousal support payments, and if your spouse has engaged in adultery, you can use this to your advantage. The court may consider evidence of an affair as a factor regarding the amount of spousal support payments granted.

If your spouse has been unfaithful, you should consider hiring an experienced private investigator for infidelity investigations in Virginia Beach, VA. Professional investigators can provide the evidence necessary to prove infidelity and protect your rights throughout your divorce proceedings.

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