Common Factors Used to Determine If a Parent is Unfit for Custody

Common Factors Used to Determine If a Parent is Unfit for Custody

Over 50% of the parents in the United States have a legal child custody agreement in place. Going through a divorce can be very complicated and stressful. If you and your spouse have children together, the stress of this process will be increased substantially. While most couples want to do what is best for their kids when it comes to a custody agreement, some factors can affect an agreement. 

In some cases, the other parent involved in a custody agreement may feel like their spouse is an unfit parent. If you are in this type of situation, you need to work on acquiring evidence showing your spouse is unfit. Allowing an experienced private investigator to help with acquiring this evidence is a must. Some factors are used to determine if a parent is unfit for custody, and here are some of them. 

One of the main reasons some parents contest their spouse having joint custody of a minor is due to a history of child abuse. If your soon-to-be ex-spouse has a history with child abuse, and this has been documented with Child Welfare Services, you will probably be able to keep them away from your child. Obtaining proof of previous child abuse cases will require the help of knowledgeable professionals. 

Not only can a private investigator gather past evidence to use on a child custody case, but they will also work hard to develop new evidence. The key to getting the help you need from a lawyer and a private investigator is by divulging all of the details of any previous child or domestic abuse issues. Talking about this trauma is never easy, but the team helping you need to know these details to start developing a case against your ex-spouse. 

Young minds are incredibly impressionable. Most parents realize there are some things their children shouldn’t be exposed to. If your spouse allows your young child to do something like watch R-rated movies or fails to set a curfew for your teenager, this could be a warning sign they are unfit. 

Most judges realize that the parents raising a child must trust each other. However, if your spouse is consistently undermining you or exposing your children to dangerous situations, you have to take action. 

Allowing a child to go hungry or to avoid cleaning them for days on end is the definition of neglect. If you are encountering problems involving your spouse ignoring your child’s needs, you may be able to prove they are negligent. You can avoid sharing custody of your child with a person that simply doesn’t care about them by proving their negligence. 

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