Are They Cheating?

Are They Cheating?

In our business, it's a big question. Are they cheating?

Yes, we specialize in domestic investigations, but as a full-service investigations company, we've seen it all. That short phrase (are they cheating?) leads people to think about the classic scenario where a private investigator is hired to check in on potential marital infidelity. There's a template for these kinds of cases, and some best practices and protocols that we follow along the way. And then there are other cases that require a different approach. In the investigations field, part of the initial challenge is to figure out what kinds of specific fact-finding will support the client’s case. That can involve initial brainstorming sessions and gathering documentation, almost like a law office might do. Then we start to put a working plan together. 

Marital Infidelity and Custody

Many of the domestic cases where cheating arises as a fundamental question involves custody of children. If a judge can make a determination on which party has documented infidelity or unfit activity, they can rule for the other parent. So that factors into our domestic investigations to a great degree. We hear from clients who want to advance their own custody interests, for example, seeking to change joint custody to sole custody, or to challenge an ex-spouse’s sole custody in order to see their children. Investigative work can be a real resource in these types of situations, because that fact-finding that we talked about above will expose what’s really happening to the courts. 

Cheating in Life

Marital infidelity, though, is not the only kind of cheating.

Anytime there's a question about someone complying with a court order or legal contract, private investigations can play a crucial role.

In this type of case, we're looking for a specific kind of cheating as outlined in the court documents. If someone is supposed to be on house arrest and they're not, that may be something we would look into. Likewise, if there's a business contract that's being violated, we can help document that, too. In fact, something like embezzling could also be called “cheating” of a kind, and if one or more of the partners of an LLC, for example, may have some liability, we might be asked to get involved. 

Being able to handle a diversity of cases and be at the right place at the right time is part of what has made us one of the best Virginia Beach investigators around. Check out the website for more and call us with any questions about how to get good investigations done in and around the Tidewater area.