A Little Bit About Four Practice Areas

A Little Bit About Four Practice Areas

In the past, we have detailed a lot of our professional value propositions on the blog. We've talked about how vital we are as a local private investigator firm in the Virginia Beach area and Chesapeake.

Let's talk a little bit about some of the specific practice areas that we cover and how we work on behalf of clients.

Infidelity Cases

People often think that these cases are just about ‘spying on people.’ They might think that you're just keeping tabs for private or personal purposes.

The reality, though, is that many of these cases are driven by a court order or other legal activity. People are trying to find out if someone is complying with a court order, or maintaining legal status with whatever they are doing. That's a very common type of case that we take on, and we have specific techniques and resources to be successful at this for our clients.

Corporate Cases

Corporations behaving badly is a stock trope on TV, and in real life. There’s an innate understanding that in business, people will do what they can get away with. There’s also a common understanding that the regulators are absent in many cases.

People want to make sure that large enterprises are working, again, according to all court orders and legal standards. How do you do this without discovery? It's difficult.

So you call professional private investigators to do that work for you. We are up to the challenge.

Custody Work

We all know that custody battles can be thorny. Some of that has to do with discovery, and figuring out what's actually happening within the context of the family. Our people meeting at pre-approved spots as they are supposed to? Is visitation happening in a legal way and complying with court orders?

Again, here, you're relying on the private investigator firm to do the digging, to get the facts that you can apply to legal outcomes.

Background Cases

So you're hiring people who might be going into the homes of high net worth individuals. Or you're hiring people who may be involved in public health and safety. Or you're tiring people for work that has some sort of political affiliation…

Whoever you're hiring, you might often go to a private investigator to get the goods on what's in a person's background. That gives people who are responsible peace of mind – that they have done the work into looking at someone’s past, to vet employees or contractors, and protect customers.

Talk to East Coast Investigations about whatever you are facing. We can help! As a professional PI firm in the Virginia Beach area, we’ve seen it all – and we know how to go to bat for our clients in tough situations. Contact us when you need help.